MB Partners

HR Strategy Pro launches Ignition

25th March 2019

Introducing HR Strategy designed specifically for the automotive sector and its associated industries.

HR Strategy Pro, Official Partner of MB Partners, is proud to introduce "Ignition" - the first HR Strategy Service tailored to the Automotive, Motorsport, Tyre and Transport industries.

When it comes to developing HR Strategies and Support, independent organisations such as Franchise Dealerships, Motorsport Teams and Tyre Wholesalers can often get left behind due to issues such as limited resource and budget. This can often lead to employees feeling disengaged or business owners struggling to attract the best talent.

However, with over 850,000 employed across the wider automotive industry, people play a major part in this vital part of the UK economy, accounting for more than £82 billion in turnover.

Ignition is designed for industry people by industry people, with our team having worked both operationally and within HR for some of the most prestigious brands and businesses within the Automotive sector and its associated industries.

With our official partners, MB Partners, the driver management and sports marketing agency, we have spoken to automotive leaders to truly build a people service that is meaningful and effective.

“Having worked for most of my career within the automotive and tyre industry, I have gained a first-hand experience of how impactful people are within this sector. The difference between an employee who is looked after and engaged and one who is not can have serious effects on a number of areas, such as productivity, attention to detail and customer service. This can leave businesses with either a good or bad reputation very quickly.” says HR Strategy Pro Director Nick Butcher. “People are vital to the success of your business and whilst doing our research I was amazed at how little there was targeted specifically for the automotive sector and its associated industries when it came to people development and training. Ignition is going to change that.”

Aimed at #unlockingpeopleperformance Ignition has also had great input from HR Strategy Pro’s official partner MB Partners, adding experience from the world of motorsport having worked within in industry at the highest level.

“In my career, I’ve found that the most successful drivers have always had the best team of the highly engaged and trained people around them” states MB Partners CEO Mark Blundell “you cannot underestimate the importance of effective people development strategies within business and sport.”

For more information and a copy of our launch brochure please email info@hrstrategypro.co.uk