Elegant Resorts

Elegant Resorts has been offering exclusively elegant travel since 1988. The luxury travel specialist prides itself on creating the most bespoke, comprehensive and sumptuous holiday experiences for their clients. In recent years, Elegant Resorts has established itself as the foremost British pioneer of luxury travel thanks to its exceptional client service.

Central to how Elegant Resorts work is that all of their experienced Travel Consultants only ever consult on destinations that they have been to themselves. Therefore, they always speak with authority on the locations and properties that they recommend to their clients. 

Their commitment to exemplary client service has provided legendary anecdotes over the years, including organising the private de-icing of a plane on the runway so that a client could leave for their holiday on time.

Today, the world of luxury travel continues to develop as discerning travellers seek ever more exclusive and unforgettable experiences, such as stepping into exotic new lands, experiencing cultural charm or wellness retreats and adopting an enriching spirit of adventure. The Elegant Resorts portfolio continues to evolve with the latest trends and comprises handpicked luxury hotels, resorts, villas, yachts, cruises and private islands across the globe.

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