Goldsquare Investments

Goldsquare Investments is a leading property investment specialist focused on researching and delivering high-yielding real estate opportunities in the United States and the UK to a global client base.

Using years of industry experience, they provide clients with the opportunity to invest in existing property hotspots, with an emphasis on building diverse, cash-flowing portfolios. Their expert market analysis also ensures that clients are kept informed of future trends in order to benefit from prospective opportunities before other investors.

Offering a full consultancy service, their focus is to tailor investments to meet the individual requirements of our clients, without added pressure and in a stress-free environment. At Goldsquare, their multilingual team are always available to assist investors with support and work with complete discretion and privacy.

Thanks to exclusive agreements with suppliers in the US and partnerships with a number of established UK developers, they are able to provide clients with an outstanding real estate investment experience based on dynamic, global opportunities.

By providing hand-picked investments, which feature contractually-assured returns and guaranteed income, their clients are able to achieve a high level of return for guaranteed periods with both security and complete peace of mind.

Goldsquare's formula for investment success is simple: transparency, integrity and honesty. Whether you are a first-time investor at the beginning of your property journey, or a seasoned investor seeking to enhance an existing portfolio, Goldsquare are committed to building successful, long-term relationships with an ethical and people-centred approach.